Rome itself is a museum and an art gallery. Just walking around, you'll come across many great ancient Roman buildings and historic sculptures. The bags we make become part of the scenery of this wonderful city, so we have a responsibility to be beautiful. We always keep that in mind. - Mauro


AUGUSTO ROMA is a luxury leather item brand from Rome, Italy, founded in 1960.

Based on handmade small-scale production, the craftsmen's advanced skills create bold, three-dimensional silhouettes and exquisite, unparalleled details that would never be possible through mass production.

Augusto's bags and wallets are made with not only the highest quality cowhide leather, but also rare exotic leathers such as Himalayan, Porosus, and Crocodile leathers.

Each Augusto design and color is strongly inspired by Italy's landscape, heritage and art.


The Classic Bag Collection, consisting of four core models, was created by reinterpreting traditional patterns that have been passed down in the workshop in a modern way, and was unveiled on Via del Corso in Rome in 2019.


Launched online in 2022, the Triomfal Collection brings Augusto an innovative and unique design language.
The refined finish of the finest craftsmanship and the iconic Larco Romano fittings, inspired by the Arc de Triomphe, create a one-of-a-kind experience every day.


Rome, the Eternal City, where Augustus was born.
This city continues to influence the world in culture and art, and has been loved by many great figures and artists for thousands of years.
Rome is a mixture of architecture from the ancient Roman era, which was the center of the Mediterranean world, and powerful Baroque architecture, and the city itself continues to exist as a museum, incorporating even the lives of its people.
While many cities around the world have lost their beauty due to changes over time, Rome has not only remained the same, but is also increasing in value day by day.
The culture beloved by the Roman aristocracy is one of the most sophisticated, sweet, and full of human joy in the world.