NICOLA GIORDANOを起用した 新キービジュアルを公開

New key visual featuring NICOLA GIORDANO released

There are countless professionals who love Augusto's popular model NAVONA.
Among them, NICOLA GIORDANO says that she is so obsessed with this model that she never takes her NAVONA with her wherever she goes.

“The leather, the design, and the color of this Roman Tortola are so beautiful.I have never come across such a wonderful bag before.I spent two exhibition seasons a year with this bag. But a lot of celebrities have asked about this bag. They love NAVONA and it's only a matter of time before the scary day comes when they all carry matching bags."

NICOLA GIORDANO always places NAVONA in the back seat of her car, gently placing her child in it. Even though he has been using it for a long time, his NAVONA remains as clean and beautiful as when it left the factory.

Now, he has acquired a second NAVONA and uses it every day, just like the Roman Tortola.

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